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The use of Dogs for search and rescue is not new.  Specially trained dogs have been used across the world for decades.  These dogs have been successful in searching for victims trapped in rubble created by earthquakes or explosions, Alzheimer's patients who have wandered away, children who have become lost, victims of boating accidents, or evidence in criminal cases.  Although specializing in Land and Water Cadaver, Trailing, and First Responder Disaster,  ISARD dogs have trained in all the following specialty areas:
WILDERNESS dog/handler teams are specially trained to locate victims who become lost such as hunters, hikers, children, campers, the elderly, or mentally disabled.

WATER search dogs can work from the shore or from a boat and will alert to scent rising from a submerged body. 

TRACKING/TRAILING dogs are specially trained K-9s that are particularly useful when a last known location has been established for the victim.

EVIDENCE dog/handler teams assist law enforcement in locating evidence such as shell casings, guns, knives, etc.

CADAVER dogs are specially trained to locate and indicate on bodies and body parts.  These dogs can be used to locate surface remains, clandestine graves, or victims of natural or man made disasters.

DISASTER/CADASTER trained dogs bark and dig at the location of the victim hidden beneath rubble from earthquakes, explosions, tornadoes, mudslides, flooding, etc.  Cadaster is a new specialty where the K-9 locates human remains in disaster environments.

AVALANCHE dog/handler teams are trained to help locate individuals who have been buried under snow during an avalanche.