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Providing CERTIFIED, EXPERIENCED, PROVEN K-9 teams for Land
and Water Cadaver, Tracking, Evidence, and First Responder Disaster,
and Wilderness Search.

Our Services

Idaho Search and Rescue Dogs, Inc. (ISARD) is a non-profit volunteer group formed to meet the increasing need for dog teams that are professional and competent .  We provide proven certified K-9s for Search and Rescue work to agencies that request our service.

Key Benefits

1.  Dog teams that have been certified with national
     law enforcement organizations.

2.  ISARD is a member of the National Association for
     Search and Rescue (NASAR) and Idaho State
     Search & Rescue (ISSAR).

3.  Requesting organizations are not charged for our
     services although donations to cover expenses are
     accepted and appreciated.



Emergency Dispatch: Idaho State Communications

(800) 632-8000

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